7 Landing Page Tips to Boost Your Sales

Before we dive in to the meat on this particular marketing bone, let’s define what is considered to be a ‘landing page’ as opposed to a normal page on your website.

For me the definition is simple.

It’s a web page that is out of the normal architecture of your website, not found through your normal site map, but only found through campaigns targeting specific customer demographics with key search terms. Therefore only visible to a well defined audience.

The idea of a landing page is that it speaks directly to your target audience and answers directly the pain that they are suffering with. Usually this will result in higher conversion rates as you won’t be sending any general traffic, just traffic where the user has searched for the subject matter of the landing page.

Hopefully, with that cleared that up, we can now move on to my 7 Landing Page Best Practices to Increase Your Conversions.

1. Understand WHO you’re targeting and WHY

First identify which of your personas you’re targeting and really understand their pain and jobs to be done. Once you know WHO you’re targeting and what their pain is, you’ll be better placed to create copy and an experience that talks directly to them.

2. Make sure you include social proof

Including social proof gives clear psychological signs that what you’re offering works. It will influence massively on whether people take action. Including some testimonials in written or video form will drastically increase your conversion rates. Embedding tweets and Instagram posts can also be a great way to demonstrate social proof.

3. Where possible don’t use stock photography

Authentic imagery will always trump stock photography. Therefore having a strategy to create an asset repository is key if landing pages play or will play a big part in your marketing strategy. They don’t have to be taken with an expensive camera, but images showing YOU in action will work better than stock images.

4. Make your form simple and clutter free

Your call to action form should be simple, straightforward and not too complicated. It’s easy to get carried away with these but the evidence is clear – less is more. It’s tempting to ask stuff like “Where did you hear about us” but honestly, this is best left further down the customer journey. Stick with the important stuff. And, if you need an anti-spam form validator like ‘captcha’ make it an easy to use one!

5. Use a 1:1 link ratio

This is important. The idea of a landing page is that users will be ‘funnelled’ through your page to the call to action. Therefore links to pages like ‘about us’, ‘meet the team’ etc only serve to take focus away from the goal – getting the conversion through your call to action on the page. So, keep your link ratio to 1:1 i.e. no other links on your page.

6. Create landing pages for every persona or campaign

The stats are really clear on this. The companies with the highest number of landing pages invariably get the highest conversion rates. So, use multiple landing pages in your business to target different personas and different products in your campaign. Customers never have the same need, so using landing pages that speak directly to each individual persona will work far better than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

7. Use a high contract for your CALL TO ACTION button

if your brand colours are blue, use an orange or red button. Always go for high contrast so, at a glance of your page it’s easy to spot your call to action from all the other on page copy and imagery.

BONUS TIP: Test, test and test some more

Once your landing page is live and getting traffic, use tools like Hotjar to monitor performance of your page. Make adjustments, take stuff away and add stuff in. With most landing page software you can normally split test different variations and find the perfect mix of on page copy and imagery.

There you have it, my top 7 best practice tips for squeezing the very most from your landing pages. If you need help or more advice feel free to ask by emailing steve@stevemark.co.uk or connect with me on LinkedIn and send me a DM.