5 Ways To Get Ahead of Your Plumbing & Heating Competitors in 2021

Plumbing & heating is one of the most competitive home service businesses around. In most average sized towns there can be as many as 20-30 local plumbers within a 5-10 mile radius, all vying for the same new business as you.

When we work with a local plumbing & heating business our aim is to make their brand famous in the local area – fame alone won’t build a business, but it’s a great start! Without awareness your prospects can’t contact you.

So, the idea for this article is simple… share some ways you can outsmart your competition and grow your local market share in the process in 2021 and beyond.

Sponsor a local youth team

Sponsoring a local sports team works brilliantly on so many levels. Firstly it gives you additional visibility in front of parents, many of whom will loyally use team sponsors first. And secondly, it gives you amazing social media content, which again, in turn, will give you additional reach in the local community. And finally, it shows you’re helping a local good cause, building your standing in the local community.

Run PPC campaigns

Most fo your competitors won’t be pro-actively using Google Ads to find new business. This is usually because they’ve been burnt in the past or simply don’t know that it can (when done correctly) bring profitable new enquiries into your business. You need to make sure the page you’re sending your paid traffic to is setup correctly to convert them into enquiries, a good landing page should convert 20-25% of visitors into a new enquiry.

Use your free Google My Business listing

Google gives you an amazing set of tools to use in your business. One of them is Google My Business – their free business listings service. Make sure you have a profile completed and optimised with all the vital information completed. You can use the posts facility to share company updates and further bolster your local search optimisation, increasing the chances you’ll appear in the map listings area on Google’s search results page

Use targeted door drops

The letterbox is still a vital tactic when growing a local business – as long as it is targeted. Don’t just carpet bomb thousands of homes, instead work with your local leaflet distribution company and cherry-pick the postcodes or estates you know will bring the highest value enquiries. Use your existing knowledge of where your customers are to guide your strategy.

Maxmimise your social media efforts

Don’t just post to your business page, make sure you’re sharing as many posts into your local business and community groups on Facebook. By sharing into your local groups you can expand your reach exponentially and in doing so reach new audiences with your brand.