Ever heard of the messy middle?

Ever heard of the messy middle?

And I’m not talking cake 🍰

I know we’d like to think that our customers (or prospects) go on a linear journey to purchase from us after we’ve done a great job of marketing to them and making them aware we exist.

….But in reality, it just doesn’t work that way. 🤯

You’ve probably seen a model like this one.

👉 Awareness
👉 Interest
👉 Desire
👉 Action

(AIDA) Or, the gazillions of variations of the same funnel 😆

Google studied the journeys of millions of customers and wrote a great white paper called ‘The Messy Middle’ (link in the comments)

The reality is, even after your prospects become aware of you they’re now evaluating you on many different platforms such as social media, Google, review sites, your website, and a plethora of other sources.

So it stands to reason your responsibility as a business owner is to maintain a consistent approach to all the places people will research you in ‘The Messy Middle’.

Do this well and they pop through ‘The Messy Middle’ at the bottom of your funnel and be ready to engage and hopefully buy.

Anyway, I just I’d share this as it often gets talked about the sales funnel, but people miss the bit in the middle where it stops being linear into, well, a mess! 🤯

Check out the link in the comments to read the full article.

Hope it helps