About Get More Leads Locally

Helping ambitious local businesses find and connect with more local customers

What we do here isn’t for everyone. We only work with committed and ambitious trades business owners that want to start or complete the journey to getting ‘off the tools’. This phrase means different things for everyone, but it encapsulates a change in focus for you in your business.

For those aspiring to get off the tools, it frees you from being shackled to the business seven days a week. A trades business owner that is truly off the tools can focus on managing, building a team around them, and focus on creating an asset, as oppose to being an employee in their own sole trader business.

Why should you consider working with us?

There are lots of marketing agencies out there, tens of thousands in fact. What makes us unique is that we work exclusively with trades businesses.

This means we have experience, insight, data and a proven track record of performance in this sector. It’s what we do. Every day. All year round.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Meet the founder

Steve Mark is the founder of Get More Leads Locally, part of Sherpa Digital Marketing Ltd. He has a long career in marketing and has previously run his own SME business from 2006 to 2014.

From 2014 to 2018 Steve worked for the UK’s largest independent van leasing broker, Vanarama. During his time at Vanarama he headed up the marketing team as the Marketing Director, also serving on the board. Working for a brand that serves trades he built up a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in the sector.

Having worked first hand with tradespeople he understands the pressure of running a trades business. It’s this insight that means by you working with Get More Leads Locally you are dealing with a company that understands the need to keep existing customers happy, whilst finding new ones.

Steve is an experienced brand builder and digital marketer. Together with the team he will help you grow your awareness locally and turn this into new customers through Facebook ads, social media and local marketing.

Steve stays up to date with latest marketing trends and is always keen to offer advice and assistance to make sure his customers stay ahead of the curve and are proactive, not reactive when it comes to marketing their business.

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