Hi I'm Steve, founder of Get More Leads Locally

I help trades businesses grow profitably with digital marketing support.

Hi, I'm Steve Mark, founder and director of Get More Leads Locally, helping trades business grow and scale.

I know what it’s like to start and grow a business, the first one I sold in 2014 shortly before taking on a full-time role again.

I learned a lot the first time around, knowledge, learnings, and experience that is helping me grow my second business, and in turn helping my clients succeed and grow.

Starting and growing a business can be a lonely place at times, especially when you’re facing some of the headwinds we’ve faced over recent years, it can feel like you’re trying to run through tarmac!

I first read The E-Myth (thoroughly recommended) when I ran my first business and although I understood the message, I didn’t implement any of it. Now, the second time around it all makes sense both for me and my client’s businesses.

Re-reading The E-Myth was the spark I needed to grow my own agency and focus it on working solely with trades businesses, although we’re from different industries the struggles are the same.

  • Moving from owner to manager and then onto being the entrepreneur
  • Learning how to take on staff to enable you to work more ON THE BUSINESS than in it
  • Work on strategy before marketing tactics and pick the right ones to fuel growth

I now run a successful agency and my clients are enjoying fast growth as a result of my experience and knowledge in digital marketing.

Why am I qualified to help?