How the best marketers make strategy look easy

A quote I always refer to when discussing marketing strategy is this quote from the renowned strategist Michael Porter.

It’s a simple quote, but one of the most important aspects of marketing strategy.

Choosing what we’re not going to do.

It’s easy to chase after a bunch of shiny new marketing tactics, or jump on board the latest trend, social media platform, or viral social media dance!

What’s not so easy is choosing what you’re going to leave alone.

That requires understanding of your audience, guided by data and insights. It requires discipline to not be tempted to be taken off your path.

Once you understand what you’re not going to do, marketing decisions get easier.

It’s easier to decline that meeting with a sales rep who wants to show you some new whizzy software or tool.

Once you know what you’re not doing you can not sign up to that new course, or five day challenge or whatever else you’re planning to start but never finish.

This thinking applies whether you run a multi-billion dollar business, or you’re a sole trader.

Commit to what you’re NOT going to do.