Keep in touch with prospects and grow your sales with a customer newsletter

When: Thursday 6th May
Time: 2pm – 3pm
Where: Online via Zoom

How do you keep in touch with your prospects, the people that you’ve spoken to that have expressed an interest in what you do, but haven’t committed?

A ‘keep in touch’ newsletter strategy is perfect to keep prospects warm, or even warm up cold prospects to get them ready to buy.

I’ll walk you through six simple steps to getting your own “keep-in-touch” newsletter live.

What we’ll cover in the workshop

  1. Picking a CRM system (customer relationship management)
  2. Creating a lead magnet to build your list
  3. Connecting your new CRM system to your website with Mail Munch
  4. Choosing your newsletter theme
  5. Brainstorming content ideas
  6. Sending your first newsletter

By the end of the 45 minute workshop you’ll be able to set up and run your own customer newsletter to keep in touch with prospects.

Who is it for?

The workshop is perfect for business owners that want to be able to keep in touch with prospects and increase sales as a result. By following this strategy you’ll be able to deliver valuable content to your prospects, increasing your authority and trust with them.

Workshop feedback from previous attendees

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How do I register for the workshop?

To register, drop your details in the registration form below, we’ll send you your Zoom link to your inbox and a reminder nearer the time.

Do you want to know how to increase your sales without spending money?

If you answered yes, then our next free marketing workshop is for you.

The topic will be covering is something every business needs to nail to grow their sales – your Value Proposition.

Guess what the most successful businesses have?

Yes, you’ve guessed it, a strong Value Proposition – they understand the needs, wants and fears of their ideal customer portrait, and then match them with their services or products.

And lucky for you I’m going to share with you how to create your own Value Proposition Canvas for your business.

During the free workshop you’ll learn:

  • The Value Proposition Canvas method of creating a strong value proposition for your business.
  • How to build strong customer portraits (or ideal client avatars as they’re sometimes referred to).
  • Understanding your customer’s needs, wants, and fears – and why this really matters.
  • Understanding the features and benefits of your service, and how to match them to your customer’s needs, wants, and fears.
  • How to build your brand messaging around your Value Proposition and bring it to life

This will be an interactive session over Zoom, so be prepared to engage and talk freely about your business.

Why should you attend?

This is one thing that business owners often get wrong. They fail to understand their customer to the degree required to generate a plentiful stream of leads.

This workshop will help you overcome this, and even more importantly articulate why customers should choose your business. Having a strong value proposition is a critical success factor for high performing business.

It’s not complex, but requires you follow a process to get to the outcome – a strong product / market fit your your services and products – and this starts with crafting your Value Proposition.

The workshop will be held over Zoom on:

Thursday 18th March 2021
from 4pm and will last approx. 45 minutes inc Q&A

Workshop feedback from previous attendees

Register for the free online workshop

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