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Grow your business with Facebook advertising

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with over 2.5bn users (that’s about 1 in 3 people on the planet). What they know about us and our purchasing habits makes it a natural place to advertise and find new customers. Using Facebook’s powerful targeting we can hone in on your ideal customers – home owners, and crucially those that are geographically close to your business.

Finally, for businesses like yours, it can be a very cost effective way of finding new customers. We can do clever things like limit your daily budget so you never overspend, and using Facebook’s built in tools we can optimise you adverts in ways never possible before.

The setup process

We break the process down into four stages. Strategy & planning, asset gathering, setup & launch and finally we regularly measure and review the performance of the ads and make improvements whee necessary.

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We start by understanding more about your business and the local area. Spending a little time on strategy and planning, means we save time and money for you further on in the process.

Assets is a techie term for important campaign elements like customer reviews, accreditations and other items that will positively impact your initial results. Having positive reviews from your customers will massively improve your chances of success with Facebook ads.

We’re ready to go live with your first ads. Often this is referred to as ‘rapid fire testing’. We’ll create initial campaigns that will help us make sure we’ve got the right message and visual image for you target audience, before we start scaling up your ads.

During the course of setting up and running your ads we’ll regularly review performance with you and discuss ways we can make improvements or test other types of ads that Facebook allows.

What results can you expect?

Every product or service is different, so results will fluctuate from business to business and sector to sector. Some customers we work with get leads from as low as a few pounds, some that sell higher value services a lot higher. This is why we spend time initially with you on a strategy call, evaluating your business and determining how Facebook Ads could work for you. Take a look below at some of the recent results we’ve been getting with existing clients.

Client results

Both Gets More Leads Locally and its founder Steve Mark have been responsible for managing over £1m of Facebook ad spend over the last five years.

It’s through running thousands of tests on the creative, the message and the landing page that we’re able to get results for our clients that mean Facebook ads is a platform they get an ROI from.

Have a look at our results and if you’d like to find out more then book a free Facebook Ads Strategy Call with our team.

Plumbing business - £20 cost per lead for new boiler installations

Working with a local plumbing and heating business we were able to deliver leads at an affordable cost of £20 per lead.

Ecommerce/subscriptions - Wine industry £7.50 cost per subscriber

Working in a startup wine business Get More Leads Locally founder Steve Mark helped to drive the cost of acquiring a new subscriber down from over £100 to under £10 per subscriber.

High ticket coaching client - under £100 cost per lead

Selling high ticket coaching services for over £3k is a challenge and requires careful planning and execution. We worked with a nationwide training business to deliver leads at under £100 for a service making over £2k profit.

Lead magnet downloads for less than £1.50 per download

For one client we successfully built a list of over 250 targeted names who downloaded their lead magnet. We also developed an email lead nurturing sequence that resulted in over £10k of booked business over two months.

Are Facebook Ads right for your business?

This is a question we get asked the most. Facebook advertising works for 95% of businesses. The key element is doing the research and groundwork first. Millions of companies have successfully built and grown their businesses on Facebook, this means there’s lots of data we can use to establish whether or not Facebook ads will work for your business. 

Here’s a non exhaustive list of businesses that we know will suit Facebook ads:

Hear from one of our many happy customers

Book a free Facebook Ads strategy call with Steve

We’d welcome an opportunity to talk to you and answer any questions you might have. Before working together we’d always recommend a strategy call to establish your suitability for Facebook Ads, so why not book one now?

The call will be with Steve Mark, experienced local digital marketing specialist. On the call you can ask questions and chat through your objectives for wanting to use Facebook Ads in your business.