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Read the case study of how we’ve been helping Jordan at Videtta Heating grow his Plumbing & Heating business in the last 12 months…

Meet Jordan Videtta, owner of Videtta Heating & Plumbing

We first started working with Jordan in February 2020, right before the absolute sh*t storm that was unleashed on us all in March 2020. 

At that point, Jordan had a very basic website, no Facebook presence and no footprint in Google, basically when people were searching for his services, he didn’t exist!

We started off by getting a good understanding of his business, his goals and where he wanted to take things in the next couple of years. He had ambitions to grow the business and take on more engineers, giving him time to run the business properly.

The first problem to fix was his lack of website that would convert visitors into enquiries…

Cue his new mobile responsive website

We launched his new website in double-quick time, knowing we wanted to start delivering an ROI to him as soon as possible. 

His new website is a cut above his local competition, and gives him the right platform to grow.

Next, we started to tackle getting his phones ringing and bringing new enquiries…

Interested in growing your Plumbing & Heating business this year?

Google Ad campaigns delivering high quality enquiries for less than £10 on average

With his new website ready to take paid traffic from Google Ads we launched his first campaigns. Steadily over time we have continued to optimise his campaigns to the point where we are regularly delivering some enquiries for as little as £5.

As a specialist digital marketing agency for Plumbing & Heating businesses we have a vast amount of experience and data that means we can confidently deliver an improving ROI for your paid Google campaigns.

Now his Google campaigns are delivering sustainable and cost effective leads, cue our work to improve his organic search listings in Google.

The above table shows the average cost per enquiry (conversion) of his campaigns in the last few weeks. The column Cost/conv show some campaigns delivering enquiries for as little as £3.44

Interested in growing your Plumbing & Heating business this year?

Google My Business, your best weapon in local search

With Jordan’s paid Google Ad campaigns performing like a dream we have also ensured his Google My Business listing is bringing a regular supply of quality enquiries.

We’ve done this by optimising his listing for his main services, helping him build up his five star reviews and adding regular content as well as his main boiler products.

The above chart shows in the last few weeks his Google My Business listing has generated 16 direct calls and 29 website visits – this is free traffic and enquiries once the listing has been correctly optimised. With a Google My Business listing singing like a canary, it’s onto his organic search results in the Google listings…

Interested in growing your Plumbing & Heating business this year?

Local Google search. The holy grail, to help you scale

In the photo below we share with you some of Jordan’s highest ranking search terms for his local town, with other close by towns starting to scale the rankings. Jordan has a number of high profile top 10 listings include “boiler servicing” “boiler repairs” and “boiler installation”

Interested in growing your Plumbing & Heating business this year?

And the overall result of all this work?

Below are the results we’ve delivered for Jordan’s business in the last quarter of 2020. Over 150 fresh enquiries resulting in potential revenue of circa £79,000 just in the last quarter of 2020!

92 Google Ad leads

Overall cost per lead during this period was £16.13

37 Google My Business leads

Leads directly from his Google My Business map listing

29 organic leads

Leads directly from organic Google searches (non paid)

£79k potential revenue

At an average invoice value of £500 we estimate potential turnover of £79k

Case study summary - key highlights

Interested in growing your Plumbing & Heating business this year?

What's Jordan's feedback on the work we've done for him so far?

“I’ve been working with Steve and the team from Get More Leads Locally since March. Not only did they make sure my business kept running during the lockdown with fresh leads, they have also started to help me transform my business with local digital marketing.

I’m now looking at getting myself a second van and employee to help cope with the increased demand for our services locally. I’m confident the work that Steve and the team are doing will keep me on track to growing my business 3X in 2020.

Steve is great to work with and keep me focused too, i’m learning more about marketing and how it’s linked to growing my business. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Jordan Videtta
Owner, Videtta Heating & Plumbing

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Having previously run my own small business from 2005 to 2014 I understand the demands of running a business, and the need to generate regular leads to continue growing.

From 2014 to 2018 I worked as Marketing Director for Vanarama, a UK wide van leasing company supplying vans to tradespeople. I helped grow their brand across the UK through TV, radio and sponsorships.

I’m a big believer in the power of branding whether you’re a global or national business right through to supplying local markets with services. It’s no surprise then that the clients I work with end up with an invaluable asset… their brand.

I’d love to have a chat about we we can build your brand locally and in turn grow your business sustainably with digital marketing.

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Interested in growing your Plumbing & Heating business this year?

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