it's still possible to grow your plumbing and heating business... even in the lock down.

In just two weeks we've taken Videtta Heating & Plumbing in Leighton Buzzard from zero presence online to having a Facebook page with 150 followers, 20 five star customer reviews and now reaching 1000's of local residents every week online.

Having started Facebook ads he's getting qualified leads with less than £100 spend.

Read the case study below and find out how we're helping grow his business.

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the problem

Jordan spoke to us a couple of months ago and explained he wanted to grow his local Plumbing & Heating business.

He's ambitious and recognised that to grow, he needed to up his game in all aspects of his business, including his local marketing.

He also recognised he needed to address the issues holding his business back, these included:

the solution

After chatting through with Jordan and listening to his plans for the future we set about creating a short term strategy and plan for him to get him growing locally.

This work included:

the results so far

Two months in and he's getting results from the work. Even during these difficult times people still need the services of plumbing and heating companies. Whilst purchases of new boilers may be down, people still need emergency work.

We've taken a proactive approach to grab market share from his competition, while they've been sleeping, his business has been active on Facebook, raising awareness. These are the results so far:

BOOK YOUR FREE strategy call now!

We'll take you through our process step by step and share with YOU how can be GROWING your business right now.

take a look at the work for yourself

Now you've read the problem, the solution and the results so far, have a look at the work we produced for Jordan and his new local plumbing & heating brand.


(swipe to see old vs new)

mobile friendly website that is now winning him business

Jordan's old website wasn't very mobile friendly, meaning his customers didn't get a great experience on his website. We designed a fresh, clean website that works perfectly on all devices, meaning he's got a better chance of converting visitors...into customers!

(swipe to see old vs new)

new branding to make him more visible locally

Jordan's old branding just wasn't going to cut it for application on to his van, social media and website. So we created a fresh, exciting and standout brand for him to get his business noticed locally.

from zero to 150 likes in three days!

Jordan didn't have a presence on Facebook. So we fixed that and he now enjoys a page that is growing fast, reaching 1000's of new potential local customers every week and has over 20+ five star reviews from his customers.

'done for you' local marketing support

Now Jordan has his new brand, website, Facebook presence we've started to help him market his business aggressively. We recently launched a referral scheme to help him get more word of mouth referrals from his existing (and non) customers.

first leads delivered in just two days!

From just a few days of running Facebook Ads Jordan got 39 clicks through to his website at a cost of just £16.77!

He already has his first lead to follow up on and we've only just got started on his campaigns.

With more time and data on his ads he'll be enjoying a steady stream of leads coming through every day.

what did jordan think of the results we've delivered so far?

"I recognised I needed to grow my business locally and was recommended to Steve at Get More Leads Locally. He spent time going through the process step by step, explaining what I needed to do to grow my business.

Due to his vast experience Steve gave me the confidence to commit to investing in my marketing and so far I've been delighted. It's reassuring to know i'm in good hands with my marketing. Already i'm seeing a lot more visibility of my business locally, especially online which is where our weakness was.

If you want to grow your Plumbing & Heating business then Steve and Get More Leads Locally will help you do that."

Frequently asked questionS

We understand you might have some questions before you book your strategy call, so we thought we give you some answers beforehand.

The first thing to highlight is, it’s not a sales call. At no point will we try and sell you anything. It’s an opportunity for us to listen, chat and start to understand your business a little better. Also an opportunity to ask any questions.

We schedule about 30 minutes but can extend longer if required. This is the right amount of time to get to know what we need and for you to ask any questions.
As soon as you hit the ‘I’M READY TO START GROWING’ button we’ll ask a few simple questions about your business and you’ll then be able to book your slot with one of our specialist team.
We normally have the first chat over the phone as we know you may be heading to a call or at a job. All we ask is that you can safely talk for around 30 minutes so would ask that you’re not driving, but stationary.

BOOK YOUR FREE strategy call now!

We'll take you through our process step by step and share with YOU how can be GROWING your business right now.

MEET STEVE FROM GET MORE LEADS LOCALLY is run by experienced digital marketer Steve Mark. Steve has been working with the trades industry in a variety of roles for the last 15 years, so he understands the challenges of running a trades business first hand.

Prior to setting up our limited business – Sherpa Digital Marketing Ltd he worked as the Marketing Director for independent van leasing brand, Vanarama.

During his time at Vanarama Steve worked closely with trades from all sectors as he helped to grow the Vanarama brand from startup to nationally recognised brand in the UK.

Now working directly with plumbing and heating business owners to help them grow and establish their brands locally, Steve manages every account personally and oversees all account work to ensure it’s meeting with the objectives we set on every project.

BOOK YOUR FREE strategy call now!

We'll take you through our process step by step and share with YOU how can be GROWING your business right now.

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