Strategy Workshops

Helping to save you wasted time & money by giving you focus and clarity on your marketing

By allowing us to facilitate a strategy workshop with you and your business you’re ensuring you stand the best chance of success. Having a strategy doesn’t guarantee success but it does tip the odds in your favour. A strategy helps to provide you with clarity and focus on the decision around your marketing.

Let data, insights and evidence create your path to success in your business

During the preparation for the workshop we’ll take a dive into various aspects of your business including past performance, your customers, your products and services and data and insights from your current marketing.

We’ll put everything together during this diagnosis phase and work with you to determine a suitable agenda for your workshop.

During the workshop (currently hosted via Zoom) we’ll go through the agenda step by step and start to map out your strategy taking notes as we go which will be presented back to you.

We’ll brainstorm ideas, challenge your thinking and get focused on your best route ahead for your products and services, whilst helping you establish SMART goals to keep you on track.

Strategy workshops include:

Initial strategy

Before we do anything we'll create your own strategy to maximise your return from your Google Ads investment.

Local keyword research

As part of the campaign setup we'll conduct local research into the most effective keywords and phrases for your business to target with your ads.

Campaign setup

Armed with the strategy and research we'll get your campaigns setup and ready to test.

Website tagging

To ensure we can accurately report on your ads campaign performance we'll add a special tracking code to your website.

Website landing pages

As part of the campaign setup we'll create special sales optimised web pages to direct your searches to, this increases your overall conversion rates.


We'll provide you with regular reports that detail how effective your campaigns are and your ROI by keeping you informed on leads generated and budget spent.